Accidentally flushed down the toilet and look what hppnd to the Rolex timepiece

Look what happened to a Rolex timepiece 16 months after being flushed down the toilet.


This is the story of a Rolex watch which accidentally flushed down the toilet and lost to the city’s complex drainage system.

Recovered after a year and a half, it is still in perfect working condition!

In 2016 when Chino Hills-resident Celia Twiford dropped her $8500 Rolex down the toilet, a precious gift she had received from her husband as a birthday gift.

Sixteen months later, she got a call from Carlos Diaz, a Chino Hills city worker, who had miraculously found the watch.

Diaz already knew there was a missing Rolex and called the City of Chino Hills.


“The moment I saw it, I knew it was her watch because there aren’t too many Rolexes floating up out of the water,” Diaz commented.

Just with one missing stone, the Rolex emerged fully-functional!



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