Meet the Woman Who Gets Death Threats For Being Against Racism And Sexism In Italy

Meet the  speaker of the Italian Parliament, Laura Boldrini who now stays in a secret location while running for reelection.


What threats she was exposed to?

  • Threatened with rape
  • Burned in effigy
  • Mocked by a major party leader using an inflatable sex doll
  • Received a bullet in a mail
  • “Death to Boldrini” announcements on the walls across Italy

One of Boldrini’s opponents in the race for her district in Milan is Berlusconi (81 year-old former prime minister who had a sex scandal)’s divorce lawyer.


“I don’t feel uncomfortable because if I consider what I’ve done in my life, how many scary situations I had to pass through, how could I be scared?”

Critics define her as shrill and unlikeable, and supporters as principled and uncompromising.

“Sometimes I feel that I’m not understood, because the country is not maybe yet ready,” she says. “I’m confronting … I don’t hide myself. I want to challenge you. … The more you attack me, the more you threaten me, the more I have to go ahead.”



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