Make Your Day with This Man And His Dog

This Man And His Dog Inspired The Most Astonishing ‘Twinning’ Trend.

A new trend from Liam Rice. Dog owners pulling the same face as their dogs


When Liam Rice, 24, from the Isle of Man, tweeted his selfies with his husky Luna peopled loved it so much cos Luna has a habit of copying his facial expressions.

“Going viral has just been so bizarre, Liam told Bored Panda. “Usually you see people go viral for actually doing something productive, but all I did was take a picture with my dog and I woke up the next day to a frozen phone (from the notifications). It’s been so lovely though to read all the positive comments and seeing other people with their dogs!

Liam took 200,000 retweets and thousands of people joined him.

Here are some of the responses, just scroll down.


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Source: Bored Panda


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