Teaser: Meet the Next Generation Porsche 911


Unveiled last week: The updated Porsche 911 GT3 RS is on its way!


Rumors say that the next generation Porsche 911, the first versions of the 992, the Carrera 2S and 4S coupes, will be revealed in October at the Paris Motor Show.

Here is what Achleitner says In Porsche’s official press release:

“Two years ago I’d have said no way. Today I wouldn’t categorically rule it out. The new 911 won’t be fully electric. It would rather have a 918-esque electric assist working in tandem with the six cylinder gas-powered engine. We are reserving the all-electric cred for the upcoming Mission E super sedan. A 911 will always have a steering wheel.”

Note that these photos are camouflaged versions of the NG Porsche 911.


Source: luxurylaunches


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