Elijah Wood wrote #tamam After President R. T. Erdogan’s Speech

A few days ago, President of Turkish Republic, Mr. Erdoğan, who has ruled Turkey for 15 years, said “if one day our nation says ‘enough’, then we will step aside” during his speech to Parliament.



“Enough” in Turkish is  “TAMAM”

After Erdoğan’s statement, many people from Turkey started sharing posts including “TAMAM” meaning that they have indeed had enough of Erdoğan.

Celebrities, His Opponents and Many People Who are against Erdoğan shared #tamam posts in Turkish


What was really weird about the discussion was Elijah Wood’s #tamam tweet he shared on twitter.



Who knows what he thinks about Turkish politics but he is known to be a fan of Turkish folk music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer Selda Bağcan. .



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