Look at How Celebrity Pop Stars Would Look If Today, They were Still Alive

How you think famous singers who passed away at the early ages would look like if today, they were still away?

Talented celebrities from the 27 club (who died at the very same age of 27) like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin and other famous singers’ photos were restored and manipulated by Sachs Media Group and Phojoe.

And the results are as you see below.

How would celebrities look like if the aged?

A tribute to the 27 club and those who died at a young age.

Please scroll down to see.

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Jim Morrison


Dennis Wilson


Karen Carpenter


Keith Moon


Booby Drain


Kurt Cobain


Jimi Hendrix


Elvis Presley


Janis Joplin


John Lennon


Bob Marley


Dead Celebrities, Passed Away Singers, RIP


Old Photos of Celebrities That Most of Us Have Forgotten Already

An Instagram account called Velvet Coke shares the almost forgotten photos of celebrities.

Rarely seen photographs of celebrities that make you smile, laugh or think; takes back us to the past years.

With almost 370k followers on Instagram the account shares the best photos of celebrities taken at the past.

You will be amazed to see Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney washing the dishes together. Scroll down and see all the celebrities.

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Brad Pitt with Long Hair



Kate Moss with a Transparent Dress


Elvis Presley Doing His Military Service – Elvis As a Soldier


Michael Jackson and Paul MacCartney Doing Dishes


Julia Roberts with Armpit Hair


Amy Winehouse as a Teenager in Paris – at Eiffel Tower


James Dean with His Cat


Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield – That So Long Debated Look


David Bowie’s Picture Taken by Michel Haddi


Nicole Kidman just After the Divorce Settlement w Tom Cruise


Freddy Mercury on DARTH VADER


Lady Diana with her Kids – Waiting in line just like others at Disneyland


Shakira’s Miami Beach House is For Sale

A property Shakira owned since 2001 is now for sale in Miami.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-1

Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira is now selling her house in Miami.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-7

Located at 3140 North Bay Road Drive, the house is for sale at exactly $11.648 million.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-19

It is a waterfront property and covers 9,125 square feet luxurious living areas.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-18

Shakira’s Miami House includes six bedrooms and seven-and-a-half baths.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-17

It is surrounded by palm trees, green hedges and a plant-lined courts.

The bachyard swimming pool is surrounded by a wood deck and it also has an outdoor summer kitchen.

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-5

Since 2001 Shakira has revamped the living spaces with wooden floors from Spain, custom-made furniture, the lightings, the decoration and the gym.

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-16

Shakira’s Miami home has over 100 feet of water frontage and boasts of the views of the Miami skyline.

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-2

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-15Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-14Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-13Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-12Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-11Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-10Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-9Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-8Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-6

Sneak Peek: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘On the Run II’ tour

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have already started thair “On the Run II” Tour and photos from their show at the  Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

the “On the Run II” tour of  Beyoncé and Jay-Z seems to be one of the most expensive tours of the history.

It is gigantic and ends in October in Canada.

ON THE RUN TOUR 2 Beyoncé / Jay Z Opening Holy Grail HD

Beyoncé & Jay Z perform Family Fued / Upgrade U on Floating Stage | On The Run II


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Best Photobombs of Celebrities – See How They Trolled Their Fans

Here are some great photos for you to see how celebrities trolled their fans while taking photos or selfies.

The great moments of celebrities photobombing their fans and the best photobomb moments of all times.

Best Celebrity photobombs, Best Celebrity pranks, celebrity trolls

Source: Bored Panda

1 – Massie Williams Photobombs this guy


2 – Jake Gyllenhaal and this cute couple photobomb


3 – Photo Bomb of Ken Jeong


4 – A Coachella Scene: Photobombed By Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman From Breaking Bad)


5 – A Troll from Chris Pratt Posted After His Fans Asked Him To Hang Out With Jennifer Lawrence


6 – Matt Garza Photobomb


7 – A Photobomb from The Rock


8 – Cole Sprouse and His Fans Who “Secretly” Take Photos Of Him


9 – Seems that the kid missed a great opportunity – Barack Obama and The Sleeping Child


10 – Beyonce Told Him That She is Going to Make Whatever Face He Makes


11 – Seems That Elijah Wood Misses Some Mommy Hug – Elijah Wood Faceplanted a Fan’s Boobs


12 – Tom Hanks Pranks A Drunk Boy


13 – When you just Want to Show Off You are at a Microsoft Office by Having a Picture in Front of A Microsoft Sign and All of a Sudden Bill Gates Appears


14 – A Sandwich Shop Uses Liam Neeson’s Name for Marketing and He Shows Up


15 – When you Take Cardboard Cutout Of Danny Devito To Prom, And Danny Devito Takes Cardboard Cutout Of You To Paddy’s


Christine Teigen Proves That Moms are the Strongest and the Best Creatures of the Universe

Christine – Chrissy – Teigen has always been a real person and acted transparently on every occasions no matter how famous she is.

And almost ten days ago she shared a picture of herself after she gave birth to her second lovely child.

And they all prove that how our mothers are the World’s strongest creatures of the world.


Follow her on twitter.

Christine Teigen proves Mothers can be amazing when it comes to going outside!


And she proves that mothers are awesome when they have their pictures taken for some occasion


And here is her second lovely baby of Christine: Miles Theodore Stephens, in an Instagram post


And here is a perfect proof of how motherhood is really like at home after giving birth and how hard it is to handle with two little babies – no matter how beautiful you are…


Look how she explains postpartum life – Christine Teigen

Woman Recreates Celebrity Outfits Using Some Food

Sine Benjaphorn, 22 years old woman, from Thailand’s Ratchaburi City, has recreated celebrity outfits by using food.

As cosplay becomes more and more popular worldwide, people try different tactics to get attention on social media.

Sine does that with her passion of food and at the same time cosplay.

She talks to Bored Panda

“I love to eat, so I thought that food should be part of my costumes. I have a lot of fun making every costume, and me and my relatives eat them afterwards.”

Scroll down to see some of her recreations!

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Woman recreates celebrity outfits.

Woman uses food to recreate celebrity outfits.

Costumes from food.

Trending Music Videos of Youtube 11th of May 2018

Here are trending music videos on youtube.

We made a compilation for you to see the trending music youtube videos.


Published on the 3rd of May, Bella Remix, Wolfine y Maluma – Video Oficial hit 21M views already!

Selena Gomez – Back To You (Lyric Video), Published Just Yesterday It had almost 3M views


Sam Smith – Pray (Official Video) ft. Logic – Perfect project by Sam & Logic


You Sould Definetely Watch This, Almost 75M Views Already: Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Video)


Christina Aguilera – Accelerate (Official Video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz, After her long absence, Christina Aguilera Returns Beutifully

Elijah Wood wrote #tamam After President R. T. Erdogan’s Speech

A few days ago, President of Turkish Republic, Mr. Erdoğan, who has ruled Turkey for 15 years, said “if one day our nation says ‘enough’, then we will step aside” during his speech to Parliament.



“Enough” in Turkish is  “TAMAM”

After Erdoğan’s statement, many people from Turkey started sharing posts including “TAMAM” meaning that they have indeed had enough of Erdoğan.

Celebrities, His Opponents and Many People Who are against Erdoğan shared #tamam posts in Turkish


What was really weird about the discussion was Elijah Wood’s #tamam tweet he shared on twitter.



Who knows what he thinks about Turkish politics but he is known to be a fan of Turkish folk music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer Selda Bağcan. .


After a Twitter challenge, Elon Musk removes Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages


Elon Musk has just removed SpaceX and Tesla companies’ Facebook pages.

He has been challanged by his followers and he deleted the facebook accounts of his companies which had around 2.6 million followers.

He was answering tweets this morning when and one from Signal’s Brian Acton, co-founder of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, as we all know, was so unusual.

It contained the hashtag #deletefacebook.

Musk claimed he did’nt even knew about Facebook and asked him “What’s Facebook?” .

A follower told Musk he should delete SpaceX’s Facebook page if Musk was “the man.” —- Which contains a bad discrimination though.

Upon this request he deleted the pages maybe to attempt to save “the man” status.

Everyone wonders how Mark Zuckerberg is going to react…