Room Makeovers – Amazing Before And After Photos

Room or office. Bathroom or Kitchen.

Here are amazing transformations the internet is going wild about.

DIY is something very popular since social media has awakened our senses of renovation.

And makeovers for decoration became more popular around the world.

BoredPanda has compiles some before and after pictures for us to enjoy.

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Shakira’s Miami Beach House is For Sale

A property Shakira owned since 2001 is now for sale in Miami.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-1

Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira is now selling her house in Miami.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-7

Located at 3140 North Bay Road Drive, the house is for sale at exactly $11.648 million.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-19

It is a waterfront property and covers 9,125 square feet luxurious living areas.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-18

Shakira’s Miami House includes six bedrooms and seven-and-a-half baths.


Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-17

It is surrounded by palm trees, green hedges and a plant-lined courts.

The bachyard swimming pool is surrounded by a wood deck and it also has an outdoor summer kitchen.

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-5

Since 2001 Shakira has revamped the living spaces with wooden floors from Spain, custom-made furniture, the lightings, the decoration and the gym.

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-16

Shakira’s Miami home has over 100 feet of water frontage and boasts of the views of the Miami skyline.

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-2

Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-15Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-14Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-13Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-12Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-11Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-10Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-9Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-8Shakiras-Miam- Beach-House-is-for-Sale-6

Colour-blocked rugs with optical illusions by Patricia Urquiola

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola created rugs with a false sense of depth.


By tricking the eye with their geometric patterning Urquiola makes the rugs appear three-dimensional.



By tricking the eye with their geometric patterning Urquiola makes the rugs appear three-dimensional.


Two tyepes of rugs – Rotazioni and Visioni – are produced and The Italian Company Cc-Tapis which produces these rugs says:

“Rotazioni plays on the repetition of overlapping cylindrical forms that emphasise the circle as the matrix of the design. A scale of pastel colours and chromatic contrasts insinuate the gradient on the surface of the cylinders, creating a three-dimensional effect.”

rotazioni-visioni-patricia-urquiola-design-rugs_zatustra-3Rectangles, parallelograms and other shapes that produce a similar 3D effect dominate The Visioni designs.


Visioni rug was presented in 2016, and it was reintroduced in new colours last year.


They are hand-knotted in Nepal.

And are made of Himalayan wool and silk.


Urquiola works across several design disciplines in Milan.

And she was recently the subject of an exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.



Photographs by Lorenzo Gironi

Get Ready For A Brand-New Trend in Decorating

Ultra-colorful graphical interiors are coming up as a new trend for this spring.


MAISON DADA, a design editor of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories comes with a new trend of dadaism.



With the artistic direction of MAISON DADA  and in the hands of Designer THOMAS DARIEL fiction comes real.


A fictional character created by French artist and Dadaist Marcel Duchamp, Rose Sélavy gives the name of this astonishing furniture collection.


Photos & Source: Maison Object